What to Serve with Pate: 10 Delicious Pairings to Elevate Your Appetizer Game!

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30 April, 2023

What To Serve With Pate

Pate is a delicious and versatile food that can be served as part of an appetizer or main course. But what should you serve with pate to make it even more enjoyable?

What To Serve With Pate

It's important to choose accompaniments carefully in order to create a well-rounded plate that complements the flavors of the pâté. In this article, we'll discuss the best sides and condiments for pâté so you can create a meal everyone will love.

Breads And Crackers

Pâté is a classic appetizer that can be served with a variety of accompaniments. Breads and crackers are great options to pair with pâté as they provide a savory crunch and texture.

Rye toast, for example, has a strong flavor that complements the richness of pâté. Additionally, corn chips offer an unexpected twist that pairs particularly well with creamy pâtés. Altogether, these items create a delicious combination that will leave guests satisfied.

Moving on, salads and vegetables can also be used to create an enjoyable presentation with pâté.

Salads And Vegetables

Salads and vegetables are the perfect accompaniment to pâté. Juxtaposing the creaminess of the pâté with fresh, raw or cooked vegetables gives a balanced flavor and texture profile to the meal.

Here are some ideas for salads and vegetables that pair perfectly with pâté:

Raw Salads

  • Arugula with herbed greens and crumbled goat cheese
  • Spinach salad with roasted carrots, slivered almonds, Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

Cooked Vegetables

  • Roasted Brussels sprouts with balsamic glaze
  • Grilled zucchini squash with garlic-herb butter

These salads and vegetables provide a great way to make any meal featuring pâté more flavorful. For a unique twist, try roasting some of your favorite vegetables in white wine before adding them to your plate. The subtle sweetness of white wine will add complexity to your dish, creating an unforgettable combination of flavors.

With so many options available, you can easily find something delicious to serve alongside your pâté. Fruit and cheese offer another way to complement the flavors of pâté.

Fruit And Cheese

Fruit and cheese are a classic combination that pairs well with pâté.

Herb-infused fruits like roasted spiced apples, or even candied citrus peel, provide a sweet contrast to the earthy flavors of the pâté.

Savory cheeses like blue cheese and aged cheddar bring out the richness in the paté while providing an additional layer of flavor.

For those looking for something extra special, try pairing some goat cheese with a honey drizzle to enhance both elements of the dish.

Fruit And Cheese

The sweetness of the honey will be a perfect complement to the tanginess of the goat cheese.

The combination of fruit and cheese is a great way to round out any pâté experience.

Both elements provide their own unique flavor profiles that can be tailored to your specific tastes.

With a little creativity, you can create an unforgettable accompaniment to any meal featuring pâté.

Moving on, sauces and spreads offer yet another opportunity for experimentation and flavor exploration.

Sauces And Spreads

The palate is an amazing canvas, and when it comes to pairing pate with other items, the possibilities are almost limitless. The right accompaniment can bring out the full flavor of the pate and create a truly memorable meal. It's time to put away the fruit and cheese platter and explore some new options for serving this classic dish.

Sauces and spreads are always great accompaniments to any kind of pate. Crispbreads, herb butter, and mustard all pair especially well with smooth or coarse varieties of pate. For a true gourmet experience, try serving these with your favorite selection of pickled vegetables, olives, or even a small salad. To bring out the flavors even more, drizzle a little olive oil over them before serving.

As you can see from this list of possible accompaniments: crispbreads, herb butter, mustard, pickled vegetables, olives, salad and olive oil; you don't have to limit yourself to just one item when serving pate. With all these options at your disposal there's sure to be something that will make your guests happy!

Pickles And Olives

Pickles and olives are a great accompaniment to pate.

Pickles come in a variety of different varieties, such as dill, bread and butter, and sweet pickles.

Olives have a wide range of flavors including green, black, kalamata, and garlic-stuffed.

These two flavors pair perfectly with pate because they both offer a level of contrast that can cut through the richness of the dish.

The crunchy texture of pickles adds a nice contrast to the creamy pate while the briny flavor of olives helps to enhance it.

In addition to being delicious together, these two ingredients are also relatively easy to find in most grocery stores.

So why not give them a try next time you serve up some pate? You won't regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Pate Are Best For Entertaining?

Are you looking for the best types of pate to serve at your next dinner party or gathering?

Pates are a great way to add a delicious and sophisticated touch to any occasion. Popular choices include duck, chicken liver, and goose liver pate.

What Types Of Pate Are Best For Entertaining?

For garnishing ideas, consider adding accompaniments like pickles, capers, olives, onions, chutney or fruit compote. For serving dishes, some classic options include toast points or crackers.

How Much Pate Should I Serve Per Person?

When it comes to serving pate, portion control is key. Generally, 1-2 ounces per person should suffice depending on the other dishes that are being served.

To give your guests a more substantial platter of pate, serve it alongside some crusty breads and condiment accompaniments such as pickles or chutneys.

This way, you can ensure that your guests have enough to snack on without overindulging.

What Type Of Wine Pairs Best With Pate?

When pairing wine with pate, there are a few guidelines to follow. Generally, the lighter the pate, the lighter the wine should be.

Fruity and acidic wines like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc are best with light flavored pates, while bolder and tannic reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel pair nicely with creamier, more robust pates.

When in doubt, serve a sparkling wine which pairs well with any type of pate.

For serving suggestions, consider adding an assortment of fresh fruit and nuts to accompany the dish.

Are There Any Dietary Considerations When Serving Pate?

When serving pate, there are a few dietary considerations to take into account.

Those looking for carbohydrate-free options should consider serving the pate with vegetables such as celery sticks, bell peppers, or cucumbers.

For those looking for meat alternatives, a side of pickles or olives can provide a nice salty balance to the pate.

How Should I Store Leftover Pate?

Leftover pate should be stored in an airtight container or wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and kept in the refrigerator.

It can last up to a week, but if you're looking for creative ways to use it up, you could try spreading it on toast or crackers with a bit of jam or jelly.

You could also substitute pate for butter when making sandwiches, or even use it as a topping for baked potatoes.


Pate is a versatile and delicious appetizer that can make any gathering memorable.

If you're looking to serve it at your next get-together, there are a few things to keep in mind.

How Should I Store Leftover Pate?

First, consider the type of pate you want to serve, how much per person and which wine pairs best with it.

Second, don't forget any dietary restrictions your guests may have.

Lastly, store any leftovers properly so they won't spoil.

With these tips in mind, you're sure to wow everyone with your pate selection!

Let's raise a glass and enjoy this special treat together!

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