5 Things To Serve With Haggis - Find Your Inspiration!

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28 March, 2023

5 Things To Serve With Haggis - Find Your Inspiration!

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish that is both savory and unique. It's a blend of sheep organs, oatmeal, and spices that's boiled in a sheep's stomach! While haggis may sound intimidating to the uninitiated, it can be surprisingly delicious. But what are the best sides to serve alongside this rustic dish? Read on for five traditional accompaniments that will make your haggis dinner complete.

5 Things To Serve With Haggis 

Paragraph 2: Haggis is so much more than just an exotic food experience - it's a time-honored tradition with centuries of history behind it. It was traditionally served as part of the Burns Supper, an annual celebration honoring the famous poet Robert Burns. This hearty meal deserves some equally hearty side dishes to bring out its true flavor. From roasted potatoes to savory turnips, here are five classic foods you should consider serving with your next haggis meal.

Paragraph 3: The combinations of flavors and textures you can create by serving up these quintessential side dishes make any haggis dinner a memorable one. Whether you're hosting an intimate family gathering or throwing a large banquet-style feast, these five accompaniments will ensure your guests have plenty to enjoy alongside their haggis! So don't wait - get ready to discover the perfect sides for your next Scottish feast!

What Is Haggis?

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish made from sheep's offal and other ingredients. It includes sheep's pluck, which consists of the heart, liver, and lungs; oatmeal; onion; suet; spices; and salt. The mixture is encased in a sheep's stomach lining that has been stitched together, then boiled for several hours. Haggis has a pungent smell and savory flavor. It's usually served with mashed potatoes or turnips known as neeps, along with rutabaga (a vegetable similar to turnips).

This classic dish is often served on special occasions such as Burns Night or Hogmanay, which marks the end of the year in Scotland. Haggis is also enjoyed on more casual occasions, like family dinners or picnics. Now that we know what haggis is, let’s take a look at traditional side dishes that are often served with it.

Traditional Side Dishes

Haggis is a savory pudding typically made from sheep organs, oatmeal, onion and spices. Although traditionally served with “neeps and tatties” (turnips and potatoes), there are many other side dishes that pair well with haggis.

For a traditional Scottish meal, serve mashed turnips and potatoes as an accompaniment to your haggis. The combination of the savory haggis and the creamy, buttery texture of mashed potatoes will balance each other out perfectly. For extra flavor, add some chopped chives or parsley to the mashed potatoes or carrots to the turnips. If you’re feeling adventurous, try serving haggis with bashed neeps – a combination of mashed swede and carrots – instead of mashed turnips.

The combination of savory flavors in haggis also pairs well with roasted vegetables such as Brussels sprouts or parsnips. Or for a lighter meal, serve your haggis with a crisp green salad topped with apples or pears. Haggis can also be served with freshly-baked bread such as ciabatta or sourdough for an even more filling meal. With all these options available, there are plenty of variations on how to serve up your haggis! To explore vegetarian alternatives to traditional sides for serving with haggis, read on…

Vegetarian Alternatives

Vegetarians need not miss out on the traditional haggis experience. Vegetarian haggis is available in many stores, and has all of the flavor of its meat counterpart. It can be served with mashed potatoes, turnips, and carrots for a hearty meal. Or, for a lighter option, serve it with boiled potatoes and steamed vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower. To complete the dish, add a side of gravy or a tart cranberry sauce.

A variety of accompaniments can work well with vegetarian haggis. An array of roasted vegetables like squash, zucchini, and peppers can be served alongside creamy mashed potatoes and a simple green salad to round out the meal. A rich mushroom gravy also pairs nicely with this dish. With these accompaniments, you have all the flavors you need to create an enjoyable meal that's sure to please all your guests - vegetarian or not!

Beverage Pairings

When served as a main course, haggis is best complemented by a robust red wine. Rich and full-bodied, the tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot pair especially well with the savory flavors of the haggis. A crisp white wine such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc is also an enjoyable accompaniment to the dish. For those wanting a non-alcoholic option, a cup of hot tea steeped with fresh herbs makes for a nice contrast to the hearty flavors.

For dessert, there are many sweet options that can round out an evening meal featuring haggis.

Dessert Options

To round out the meal, a traditional dessert is a great way to end the evening. Clootie Dumpling is one classic option, which is a steamed pudding made with dried fruit and spices. Oatcakes are another popular choice, as they are easy to make and have a pleasing texture. Shortbread can also be served, either as individual portions or as part of a larger plate. These desserts all pair well with whisky or Drambuie, making them an ideal accompaniment to haggis.

Presenting these items alongside the haggis will create a beautiful visual effect. Each item can be artfully arranged on one large platter for the perfect presentation. Garnishes such as sprigs of herbs or edible flowers can add color and texture to the dish. This will ensure that guests leave with happy memories of their meal!

Presentation Ideas

When it comes to presentation ideas for haggis, the possibilities are endless! Surprisingly, according to a survey by the Scottish Tourist Board, over 60 percent of households in Scotland serve haggis with mashed potatoes and turnips. This classic combination makes for an excellent side dish with the savory flavors of haggis.

For a more unique presentation, consider pairing haggis with dishes that offer a contrasting texture. Crispy roasted vegetables like Brussels sprouts or carrots can balance out the soft and creamy texture of traditional mashed potatoes and turnips. You could also try serving a fresh garden salad on the side for added color. Adding crumbled bacon or even nuts can give your salad an extra crunchy kick.


In conclusion, the dish of haggis has a rich history and can be enjoyed in many ways. Whether you’re a traditionalist choosing to serve an array of traditional sides, or looking for vegetarian alternatives, there are plenty of options to choose from. To bring out the flavor of haggis, consider pairing it with a beverage of your choice, and don’t forget about dessert. With a little creativity, you can make your presentation stand out from the crowd.

No matter how you choose to serve haggis, it’s sure to be enjoyable for everyone who partakes in it. From its savory taste to its delightful smell, it’s an experience that I think everyone should have at least once in their life. Plus, you’ll feel like an expert when your guests start asking questions about the dish!

So if you ever find yourself wanting something different than the usual dishes at a dinner party or special event, give haggis a try - you won’t regret it! With its delicious flavor and interesting history behind it, haggis is sure to be a hit among all your guests.

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