What to Serve with Gravlax: 5 Delicious Pairings to Elevate Your Brunch Game

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3 May, 2023

What To Serve With Gravlax

Gravlax is a beloved Scandinavian delicacy that has been enjoyed throughout the centuries. It's a marinated raw salmon that is cured with herbs and spices, giving it a unique savory flavor.

But what should you serve with gravlax? If you're looking for something new and exciting to accompany your favorite fish dish, look no further! Here we'll explore some delicious options to pair with gravlax that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and excite your inner chef.

Let's get started!

Side Dishes

Gravlax, a cured salmon dish, has been around since the 16th century. Its popularity continues to this day and is often served as an appetizer or main course.

What should be served with gravlax to bring out the flavor? Side dishes that complement the taste of the fish are essential when crafting a memorable meal.

When deciding on side dishes for gravlax, consider contrasting flavors and textures. For example, a crunchy salad of arugula and fennel is a great accompaniment to the succulent fish. To further contrast in texture, add roasted sliced potatoes or boiled new potatoes seasoned with dill. For a zesty kick, serve some fresh lemon wedges alongside the plate.

For those who enjoy experimenting with different flavors, try pairing gravlax with a creamy horseradish sauce or sweet and sour chutney. A light yet refreshing cucumber yogurt dip is also an excellent choice for those looking for something cooling and slightly tangy.

With these interesting sides, you can create an unforgettable dining experience your guests will love! Moving on from side dishes...sauces and dips provide another layer of flavor to enhance this classic dish.

Sauces And Dips

Gravlax is an exquisite dish, a masterpiece of flavors and textures. Its delicate yet fragrant taste is captivating and its salmon-infused creaminess is like no other. To complement this delectable treat, sauces and dips are the perfect accompaniment.

From the classic dill sauce to a more modern take with some lemon and honey, there’s something for everyone. A creamy horseradish dip brings out all the subtle flavors of gravlax, while a mustardy mayo blend adds a little spice and tang to the mix. If you want to go all out, why not serve it with a homemade tartar sauce or caper salsa?

Not only do these sauces and dips enhance the flavor of gravlax, but they also provide an array of textures that bring out even more of its deliciousness. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that makes your tastebuds sing!

Taking things to the next level, let's explore what salads can be served alongside this salmon sensation.


Sauces and dips provide a great way to add flavor to gravlax, but salads can take the combination to the next level. A light, crunchy salad pairs beautifully with the luscious texture of gravlax.

A simple cucumber and dill salad is an easy favorite that requires minimal effort but packs a flavor punch. For something a bit more elaborate, try adding some pickled onions and capers for a tart twist that complements the smoky notes of gravlax.

Salads are also incredibly versatile when it comes to gravlax pairings. If you’re looking for something creamy, opt for a classic potato or macaroni salad. Or if you’d rather keep things bright and fresh, try incorporating greens like arugula or spinach into your mix - just add some olive oil and lemon juice for an easy vinaigrette.

No matter what type of salad you choose, don’t forget to sprinkle on some freshly cracked black pepper - it adds an extra spark of flavor that will elevate your dish from ordinary to extraordinary!

With this in mind, let's move on to breads as our next accompaniment for gravlax...


Breads are an essential accompaniment to gravlax, creating a delicious balance of salty and savory flavors.

Sourdough is a classic choice - its mild tang helps to cut through the richness of the fish. Consider pairing it with butter or cream cheese for an even more satisfying experience.

Rye bread also works great, as it offers some crunch and earthy notes that contrast nicely with the soft texture of gravlax.

Focaccia is another great option, especially when made fresh with herbs and olive oil. Its airy texture pairs well with the delicate salmon, making each bite truly memorable.

For something different, try pairing gravlax with a flatbread or lavash. A hearty flatbread gives gravlax a comforting backdrop, while lavash can be used to wrap up thin slices of smoked salmon for a unique presentation.

Whatever you choose, breads are an important part of any gravlax dish - they help tie all the flavors together for one unforgettable meal!

With these ideas in mind, let's move on to drinks that pair perfectly with this Scandinavian delicacy...


Transitioning from the previous section of breads, let's now turn our attention to drinks that can be served with gravlax.

Let's start off with a bit of pizzazz. Delightfully fizzy and bubbly, champagne is an excellent accompaniment for gravlax! It brings out the subtle yet delicious flavors in the savory fish dish.

If you are looking for something more refreshing, why not try a light beer? A pale lager or a pilsner pairs nicely with gravlax and is perfect for those long summer days by the lake. For added flavor, go for a bock or even a hefeweizen - both will work wonders!

In addition to alcoholic beverages, here are three non-alcoholic options that work great with gravlax:

  1. Cranberry juice
  2. Lemonade
  3. Sparkling water

These light and fruity drinks bring out the saltiness in the fish while still allowing it to shine through. Plus they're easy to mix up quickly and serve!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Prepare Gravlax?

Gravlax is an easy and delicious way to prepare fish.
The Scandinavian dish of cured salmon can be cooked in a variety of ways, but the best way to prepare it is by using a simple brine.
This method will give your salmon an incredible flavor and texture that you won't find with other methods.
To create the brine, mix together equal parts sugar, salt, dill, and vodka.
Then place the salmon in the mixture and let it sit for 24-48 hours before serving.
The result is a wonderfully moist and flavorful fish that can be served as an appetizer or main course.

How Long Should Gravlax Be Cured?

Making the perfect gravlax requires a bit of patience, as it must be cured before serving.
Generally speaking, you should cure the salmon for about two to five days – depending on the thickness of the fish, you may have to adjust the curing time.
If you're unsure how long your gravlax should be cured, err on the side of caution and go with a longer curing time.
This way, you can ensure that your dish is safe to eat and has reached peak flavor!

What Is The Shelf Life Of Gravlax?

When it comes to the shelf life of gravlax, many people assume that because it is cured fish, it will last forever. However, that is not the case.
The truth is that gravlax has a surprisingly short shelf life and should be consumed within 3-4 days of being cured. While this may seem like a short amount of time, it makes sense since the curing process doesn't add preservatives or chemical additives to the fish.
So if you're looking to enjoy some gravlax, make sure you eat it quickly!

What Type Of Fish Is Typically Used For Gravlax?

Gravlax is a traditional Scandinavian dish made of cured salmon, and the type of fish used is typically the fatty varieties of salmon such as chinook, coho and sockeye. However, other types of fish may also be used such as arctic char or trout.
The key to making gravlax is to use fresh fish that has been lightly salted and cured with sugar, salt and dill. Once cured, the fish can be served as an appetizer or entrée.

Is Gravlax Served Cold Or Hot?

Gravlax is typically served cold, as the curing process used to make it results in a delicate texture that wouldn't hold up to heat.
The curing process involves salting and sugar-curing salmon with herbs and spices, which gives it its unique flavor profile.
This means that gravlax can easily be served on its own or with other accompaniments to bring out its flavor even more.


Gravlax is a delicious and versatile dish that can be enjoyed cold or hot. When cured properly, it can last for weeks in the refrigerator. The key to a successful gravlax is selecting the right type of fish and using fresh ingredients.

To really hit it out of the park, serve your gravlax with accompaniments like capers, onions, lemon wedges and mustard sauce. These flavorful items will bring out the best in your gravlax like a breath of fresh air.

With these simple additions, you'll have a meal fit for royalty - and your guests will be singing your praises!

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