What to Serve with Frikadellen: 5 Delicious Side Dishes to Elevate Your Meal!

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8 May, 2023

What To Serve With Frikadellen

Frikadellen is a delicious German dish that can be served at any occasion. Whether it's a family gathering or a dinner party, everyone loves this savory treat. But what do you serve with frikadellen?

With so many possibilities, it can be hard to decide. Fortunately, we've got some great ideas that will have your guests delighted and asking for seconds! From unique side dishes to innovative accompaniments, these recipes are sure to add a touch of innovation and tantalize the taste buds.

Read on to discover our top picks for what to serve with frikadellen!

Roasted Potatoes

Frikadellen is a traditional German dish made of ground meat that is shaped into patties and then pan fried or grilled. It is an incredibly versatile dish, as the shape and texture can be altered by adjusting the cooking techniques used, and it can take on different flavors by varying the spices added to the mixture.

Pan frying is one of the most popular methods for making frikadellen, and there are many different variations on how the technique can be used to achieve a certain result. For example, you can use shallow frying or deep-frying to create either browned or crispy outer layers depending on your preferences. Additionally, you can adjust the seasonings used in your recipe to create a variety of spice variations that will bring out different flavors in every bite.

When it comes to pairing frikadellen with other ingredients, roasted potatoes make a great accompaniment. Not only do they add additional flavor and texture dimensions to the meal, but they also help balance out some of the heavier notes present in this dish.

Roasted potatoes are incredibly easy to prepare, simply requiring some oil, salt and pepper before being placed in an oven until golden brown. This simple side dish provides a perfect contrast to frikadellen’s rich flavors while still allowing its unique taste profile to shine through.

Sauerkraut is another classic accompaniment for frikadellen which many German households serve alongside their main dishes. This fermented cabbage dish has been around for centuries and has a long history in Germany’s cuisine culture. Its tangy acidity pairs perfectly with frikadellen's savory flavors, creating an overall harmonious plate that will leave you wanting more!


Sauerkraut is a classic accompaniment to frikadellen, adding a delightful tang and crunch to the meal. This pickled cabbage dish is simple yet complex in flavor, allowing it to pair perfectly with the savory nature of the patty. Allowing diners to customize their meal, sauerkraut can be spiced up with additions such as pickled cucumbers and braised onions.

The fermentation process of making sauerkraut gives it its unique flavor profile that is both tart and slightly sweet. Rich in vitamins A, B, C, and K, sauerkraut provides many health benefits such as aiding digestion and helping to maintain a healthy immune system. A great way to add some extra nutrition to an otherwise greasy plate of frikadellen!

Serve this dish with plenty of condiments for even more flavor: from spicy mustard to apple sauce or fresh herbs like dill or parsley.

For those looking for an extra kick of heat, try adding diced jalapeños or crushed red pepper flakes - sure to take your meal up a notch! With these tasty components combined together on one plate, you'll have all the flavors of Germany right at your fingertips.

Moving on...

Red Cabbage

Frikadellen, a traditional German dish of savory fried patties, are an incredibly versatile main course. While they can be served with a variety of side dishes and condiments, one of the most popular accompaniments is Red Cabbage.

This sweet and tangy dish is easy to make and pairs perfectly with Frikadellen. To make Red Cabbage, start by chopping one head of cabbage into thin slices. Next, heat oil in a large skillet and add the cabbage. Cook until it begins to soften before adding sugar, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and caraway seeds. Allow the mixture to simmer for about 30 minutes until it is soft and flavorful.

In addition to being delicious on its own, Red Cabbage tastes great when paired with other condiments such as Mustard sauce or beetroot relish. Serve alongside Frikadellen for a balanced meal that will have everyone coming back for more!

With its unique flavor profile and ease of preparation, Red Cabbage is an ideal accompaniment for this classic German dish - no wonder it's so popular! Moving on from Red Cabbage, German potato salad is another popular side dish that pairs well with Frikadellen.

German Potato Salad

Red cabbage is a classic and flavorful accompaniment to frikadellen. Its mild and earthy notes are the perfect counterbalance to the savory and slightly sweet flavors of the dish. Red cabbage also provides a great textural contrast with its crunchy texture.

Now, let's move on to another classic German side dish – German Potato Salad. This creamy salad is made with potatoes, bacon, onions, and usually some type of vinegar or lemon juice. The combination of these ingredients creates a hearty yet light side dish that pairs perfectly with frikadellen.

For an extra special treat, why not try adding some baked apples to your meal? Baked apples can be served warm or cold and pair wonderfully with German beer as well as frikadellen. To make them even more delicious, top them with a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg for an extra special touch.

With all these sides in tow, you're ready for a truly German feast! From red cabbage to potato salad to baked apples, there's something for everyone at your table – now all that's left is the finishing touch: Applesauce!


Applesauce is the perfect accompaniment to frikadellen. It's a delicious, warm, and comforting dish that provides a sweet contrast to the savory flavors of the fried meat patties. As an added bonus, it can be easily prepared using fresh apples or pre-made with canned or jarred varieties.

For those who prefer something slightly more indulgent, baked apples are a wonderful option. These sweet treats can be made with any type of apple – from tart Granny Smiths to sweeter Gala varieties – then sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon before being placed in the oven for a few minutes until they become tender and golden.

The result is a warm, gooey dessert that will make for an ideal accompaniment to frikadellen.

A meal featuring both dishes will no doubt satisfy everyone at the table; the savory flavor of the frikadellen balanced by the sweetness of applesauce or baked apples will make for an unforgettable experience that will have everyone coming back for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Meat Is In Frikadellen?

Frikadellen is a traditional German dish made by combining ground meat with seasonings and shaping into patties.
While beef and pork are the most common type of meat used to make frikadellen, you can also use chicken, turkey, or even seafood for a more creative twist.
The cooking method usually involves pan-frying in oil for around 10 minutes until golden brown and cooked through. You can also opt to bake the patties in the oven at 350°F for about 20 minutes for a healthier option.
As for seasoning options, you can add chopped onions, garlic powder, parsley, paprika, nutmeg or other herbs and spices to give your frikadellen an extra kick.

Is Frikadellen A Traditional German Dish?

Ah, frikadellen: the traditional German dish that's been delighting taste buds since the Middle Ages.
It's hard to imagine a world without this classic comfort food, but regional variations over time have made it even more interesting.
From Bavaria to Berlin, each region has its own unique spin on the same basic dish, creating an exciting cultural history.
But one thing remains true -- no matter where you go in Germany, you're sure to find some delicious frikadellen!

How Long Do I Need To Fry Frikadellen For?

When it comes to cooking up a delicious batch of frikadellen, there are some important tips to keep in mind.
To ensure that the frikadellen are cooked through, you'll need to fry them for around 8-10 minutes.
Remember to keep an eye on the heat and adjust as necessary – too low and they won't cook properly, too high and they might burn!
If you're following a diet or have dietary concerns, make sure that the oil you use is suitable for your needs.
With these simple cooking tips, you can make sure your frikadellen come out perfect every time!

Are Frikadellen Easy To Make?

Frikadellen are surprisingly easy to make, with over 70% of German households having at least one recipe for the dish.
There are plenty of traditional cooking methods as well as vegan alternatives available to suit any dietary preference.
The key to making delicious frikadellen is to use fresh ingredients and keep an eye on them while they fry - depending on the size, it should take about 5-7 minutes for each side to brown.
With just a few simple steps, you can have a tasty meal ready in no time!

Is There A Vegetarian Version Of Frikadellen?

If you're looking for a vegetarian version of frikadellen, look no further!
Vegetables, grains, and legumes can all be used as tasty substitutes for the traditional meat-based dish.
With a few simple cooking techniques, these ingredients can be transformed into delicious patties that are just as flavorful and juicy as the original.
So get creative in the kitchen and give this classic dish a veggie-friendly twist!


Frikadellen are a delicious addition to any meal. They are easy to make and can be customized to suit different tastes. Whether you're looking for a tasty main dish or want something hearty to accompany a side salad, frikadellen are the perfect choice.

The flavor of these German fried patties is like a warm hug on a cold day - comforting and satisfying. When planning what to serve with your frikadellen, think about sides that will complement the dish's rich flavor.

Roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, or a simple green salad would all be delicious accompaniments. No matter what you choose, you're sure to enjoy this tasty dish. With its simple ingredients and quick cooking time, frikadellen are sure to become one of your go-to recipes in no time!

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