What To Serve With Fish Fingers - Find Your Inspiration Here!

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5 April, 2023

What To Serve With Fish Fingers - Find Your Inspiration Here!

Fish fingers – we all know them and love them. Whether it's for a quick and easy meal or served as a side dish, fish fingers are a classic comfort food. But what do you serve with fish fingers to make your meal complete? This article will provide some great ideas to pair with your favorite fish finger dish, so read on!

Most of us think of chips when we think of fish fingers, but there are plenty of other sides that can add flavor, texture and color to your meal. From roasted vegetables to creamy potato salads, there’s something for everyone. We’ll look at some classic sides, as well as some exciting new options that can take your meal up a notch. So get ready – let’s explore what you should serve with your fish fingers!

What To Serve With Fish Fingers

Savory seafood and scrumptious sides, fish fingers are a classic comfort food. From crispy golden crumb coatings to succulent white fish within, these mealtime morsels make for an ideal appetizer or main course. But what can we serve with them? Let's explore some side dishes to accompany fish fingers.

Side Dishes To Accompany Fish Fingers

There are several side dishes that go well with fish fingers. Chips, or French fries as they're known in the US, are a classic accompaniment. They can be served with a variety of sauces and seasonings to customize the flavor. Mashed potatoes are also a great choice for those who want something a bit more filling. Roasted or boiled vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and peppers offer a healthier option. All of these sides pair well with tartar sauce or any other condiment of your choosing.

For something light yet flavorful, rice is always an excellent option. Basmati, jasmine and wild rice all taste great when paired with fish fingers. Serve them with some butter, olive oil and herbs for an even tastier dish!

Side Dishes To Accompany Fish Fingers

Salads That Go Well With Fish Fingers

Salads are a great way to add some freshness and crunch to any meal. If you're serving fish fingers, why not whip up a quick salad to serve alongside? A classic leafy green salad is always an easy option; it's light and healthy and pairs wonderfully with the crispy fried fish fingers. You can also try adding some sweetness to cut through the savory taste of the fish fingers with a fruit-based salad like a spinach and strawberry mix. For something more substantial, why not serve a quinoa or couscous-based salad? The grains provide a satisfying bite while the vegetables offer a burst of flavor.

Salads are also incredibly versatile; you can customize them however you like by adding different herbs and spices or even incorporating different proteins such as chicken or eggs for an added boost of nutrition. No matter what type of salad you choose, it will be sure to pair nicely with your delicious fish fingers!

Sauces And Condiments For Serving With Fish Fingers

When serving fish fingers, it's important to consider what sauces and condiments will provide the best flavor pairing. A classic tartar sauce is always a safe bet, as its creamy texture and sharp flavor help to balance out the mild taste of fish fingers. Ketchup also pairs well with this dish, as does a simple lemon wedge for squeezing over the top. For those looking for something different, a zesty garlic mayonnaise or a light yogurt-based dip can be great accompaniments. Many people also enjoy adding a sprinkling of herbs or spices to their fish fingers, such as paprika or parsley. With all these options available, there's no need to worry about serving boring plates of food! As we move on to looking at vegetables that pair well with fish fingers, it's clear that there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to making this meal exciting and flavorful.

Sauces And Condiments For Serving With Fish Fingers

Vegetables To Serve With Fish Fingers

Vegetables are the perfect side dish to accompany fish fingers. They add a burst of color to the plate and provide an array of nutrients that can make any meal feel like a well-rounded feast. As the saying goes, vegetables are the 'icing on the cake' when it comes to adding flavor and texture to your meal.

Roasted vegetables like carrots, potatoes, squash, or broccoli make for a delicious pairing with fish fingers. These can be cooked quickly in the oven or on the stovetop for a flavorful and healthy addition to your plate. If you're looking for something a bit more creative, try blanching asparagus or green beans in boiling water before adding them to your plate - this will give them an extra crunch that pairs perfectly with fried fish fingers!

The next step is finding creative alternatives to serve with fish fingers.

Creative Alternatives To Serve With Fish Fingers

Fish fingers are a delicious and easy meal to prepare, but sometimes you want to add a bit more to it. There are so many tasty alternatives you can serve with fish fingers that will make your meal even more exciting.

For a side, try making a simple salad or some roasted vegetables. You could also serve some mashed potatoes, boiled rice, or even some French fries. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not whip up some homemade potato wedges? The options are endless!

If you're looking for something special, consider making a dip like tartar sauce or garlic mayo to go with your fish fingers. Adding some fresh herbs such as dill or parsley will also give your dish an extra flavor kick. To top it all off, consider serving your fish fingers with lemon wedges and fresh bread for dipping.


Fish fingers are certainly a classic comfort food, but that doesn't mean they can't be elevated. With the right accompaniments, fish fingers can be taken to the next level and served as a delicious and satisfying meal.

Creative Alternatives To Serve With Fish Fingers

The possibilities are truly endless, from salads and sauces to vegetables, condiments, and even some creative alternatives. With some thoughtfulness and creativity in curating your side dishes, you can make a meal out of fish fingers that will leave everyone satisfied and eager for more.

Creating a meal around fish fingers is like painting a masterpiece: you need the right colors for the canvas to come alive. So don't be afraid to get creative with what you serve alongside your fish fingers – it's all part of the fun!

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