10 Mouth-Watering Pairings: What to Serve with Cheese Fondue

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10 May, 2023

Cheese Fondue What To Serve With

Cheese fondue is a classic favorite for dinner parties and get-togethers, but it can be hard to know what to serve with it.

If you're looking for new ideas that will wow your guests, you've come to the right place!

This article will provide you with some delicious options that are guaranteed to make your cheese fondue spread stand out from the rest.

Perfect for any occasion, these tasty sides will take your cheese fondue experience to the next level.

So let's get started and explore some exciting new possibilities!

Breads And Crackers

As the adage goes, 'You can't have your cake and eat it too,' but when it comes to cheese fondue, you can certainly have your cake and dip it in!

Breads and crackers are essential accompaniments for a successful fondue experience. From crunchy baguette slices to hearty wheat crackers, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Even better, these classic accompaniments pair perfectly with a variety of cheeses and dipping sauces.

For a truly special presentation, why not try making some of your own bread or cracker recipes? Whether you opt for a savory focaccia topped with herbs or an airy flatbread seasoned with sea salt, your guests will be impressed with the deliciousness that homemade breads bring to the table. As an added bonus, you'll get to enjoy the aroma of freshly baked bread while you're busy melting cheese.

Breads and crackers are an easy way to complete any fondue spread - no matter what type of cuisine you're aiming for. With such a wide variety available, this course is sure to give everyone something to love - no matter how picky they may be!

Ready for the next course? Vegetables and fruits await!

Vegetables And Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are essential accompaniments to cheese fondue. Not only do they provide a delicious contrast in flavor, but they also can be used to create a wonderful variety of dipping sauces.

To begin, choose fresh vegetables such as carrots, celery, bell peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower. Arrange them on a platter with bowls of hummus or other dip for an easy way to satisfy guests. For a sweeter touch, add some fresh fruit like apples and pears. Serve these with honey or melted chocolate for an indulgent treat that everyone will enjoy!

For something different, try grilled vegetables like eggplant or artichoke hearts; paired with a creamy cheese fondue sauce it's sure to be a hit. If you're looking for something even more unique, try adding some tropical fruits like mangoes or pineapples into the mix. These bright flavors pair perfectly with the rich taste of cheese fondue for an unforgettable experience!

No matter what you choose to serve with your cheese fondue, it's important to have a good selection of items that offer something for everyone. With this combination of sweet and savory ingredients your guests will have plenty of options to enjoy - from crunchy vegetables and juicy fruits to smooth dips and decadent sauces.

Transitioning seamlessly into salads and cold dishes, you'll find that there's no shortage of ways to make your cheese fondue truly memorable!

Salads And Cold Dishes

Salads and cold dishes can be an ideal accompaniment to cheese fondue. They provide a refreshing contrast to the warm, gooey cheese. Plus, they give your guests something to graze on while they wait for the fondue to heat up.

Tossing together a simple salad is an easy way to round out your meal. Let your imagination run wild—try adding crunchy nuts, juicy fruit, and flavorful cheeses like feta or blue cheese. You could even try a hearty grain salad like quinoa or farro for something extra filling.

For cold dishes that are slightly heartier than salads, opt for something like charcuterie or crudités and dip.

A charcuterie board with cured meats, olives, nuts, and other accompaniments will be sure to please everyone at the table. Or set out crudités such as carrots, celery, bell peppers—whatever you have handy in the fridge—with some herby yogurt dip or hummus for dipping into the fondue pot!

From these options alone, you'll be able to create a delicious spread of salads and cold dishes that pair perfectly with cheese fondue. And as each dish is served cold it's perfect for prepping ahead of time so you can relax when guests arrive.

Now let's move on to hot dishes...

Hot Dishes

After delving into the world of salads and cold dishes, it's time to turn up the heat. Hot dishes are an integral part of a cheese fondue night and can be prepared in a variety of ways to satisfy everyone at the table.

For example, cooked vegetables such as broccoli or roasted potatoes are fantastic dipping options. Or why not try something different like cubes of cooked ham or chicken? The possibilities are endless!

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even make your own baguettes or rolls. Slice them into bite-sized pieces and serve with your favorite spreads like garlic butter or honey mustard. You can also use them to dip into the cheese fondue!

Now that we’ve explored all the savory options for cheese fondue, it’s time to move onto something sweet - desserts and sweet treats!

Desserts And Sweet Treats

When it comes to cheese fondue, nothing quite beats a sweet dessert or treat to finish off the meal. From classic favorites like pound cake and brownies to more creative options such as fondue-dipped fruits and marshmallows, there is an array of delightful dishes that will take your meal from good to great.

For those who are looking for a crunchy snack, consider fresh baked cookies or even pretzels dipped in melted chocolate. If you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at making homemade gourmet donuts or deep fried ice cream—these delicious treats will have everyone asking for seconds!

For a classic end to any meal, serve up a selection of cakes and pies with dollops of whipped cream on top. Make sure to have plenty of different flavors so everyone can choose their favorite.

With the right desserts and sweet treats, your cheese fondue meal will be one that won’t soon be forgotten!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Cheese Should I Use In My Fondue?

When it comes to creating the perfect cheese fondue, you can't go wrong with a good quality cheese!
But, if you're looking for a unique twist that will really impress your guests, why not try using an unexpected type of cheese in your fondue?
From savory blue cheeses to sweet brie, there are so many delicious options that can take your fondue from average to extraordinary.
Whether you're looking for something bold and rich or light and creamy, there's bound to be a cheese out there that can make your fondue truly special!

Can I Make Cheese Fondue Without A Fondue Pot?

Yes, you can make cheese fondue without a fondue pot! All you need is a stovetop or even a microwave and some other kitchen items.
To start, melt your cheese in a saucepan or in the microwave with milk, cream or butter. Once it’s melted, add your favorite flavors like garlic and onion powder, Dijon mustard or Worcestershire sauce for extra flavor.
Then transfer the melted cheese to an oven-safe dish and bake until bubbly and golden brown. Serve with crusty bread, vegetables, and fruits for dipping — delicious!

How Long Should I Keep The Fondue Warm?

Keeping your cheese fondue warm is key to a successful fondue party! To keep your guests dipping for hours, make sure you have a fondue pot that can maintain a low, steady heat.
As the saying goes, 'A watched pot never boils' - so don't leave it unattended! A good rule of thumb is to set the heat at medium-low and let the cheese melt slowly; this way, it won't burn and will stay warm throughout the evening.

How Should I Heat The Cheese Fondue?

Heating cheese fondue can be a tricky task. But, with the right approach you can make it easy peasy!
When heating your cheese fondue, use an electric fondue pot or a ceramic stovetop set over low heat. This way, you won't end up burning the cheese and ruining the dish.
For added flavor, use white wine, beer or stock instead of water to melt the cheese. Adjust the heat as needed while stirring continuously to ensure that all of your ingredients are evenly mixed.
Once melted and smooth, keep the fondue warm so it stays nice and creamy for dipping!

What Are Some Creative Ways To Serve Cheese Fondue?

Let’s take cheese fondue to the next level!
Forget the traditional dippers and let’s get creative. We’re talking popcorn, pretzels, and even croutons - anything your heart desires!
You can also serve it in fruits like apples or melon slices, adding a sweet twist to the savory dish.
Trust us, you'll be sure to wow your guests with these unexpected yet delicious combinations.
So don't hesitate - let's get cooking and make some amazing cheese fondue like never before!


Cheese fondue is a great dish to serve at parties and family gatherings. With the right ingredients and proper preparation, it can be an amazing culinary experience.

When it comes to choosing what to serve with your cheese fondue, the possibilities are endless. You can choose traditional items like bread cubes or potatoes as well as more creative ideas like pretzels, apples, and even meatballs!

Adding a simile to your description of the fondue helps make the experience more enjoyable - it's almost like dipping into a pot of melted gold!

No matter what you decide to serve with your cheese fondue, make sure you keep the fondue warm and enjoy every bite.

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