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16 May, 2022

How Many Syns In 14 Gram Raisins? Find Out Here!

Are 14 Grams Of Raisins High In Syns? - Our Guide If your looking for a quick sweet snack then you might be tempted to grab some dried raisins, but are these fruits syn friendly on slimming world or...
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10 May, 2022

How Many Syns In Dried Apricots? Find Out Here!

Are Dried Apricots Okay To Eat On Slimming World? Dried fruits make an excellent healthy sweet snack to keep on hand when you want to avoid chocolate, but just how many syns do dried apricots in particular have? Dried...
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10 May, 2022

How Many Syns In Fresh Strawberries? Find Out Here!

Are Fresh Strawberries High In Syns? - Our Guide! If you love strawberries on your yoghurt or porridge in the morning, you might be wondering how many syns your favourite berry has on the slimming world plan? Fresh strawberries...
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15 February, 2022

How Many Syns In Tinned Fruit Cocktail? Find Out Here!

Can I Eat Tinned Fruit Cocktail On The Slimming World Diet? Most fruit is syn free in the slimming world, but tinned fruit can often be paired with lots of sugar due to being in syrup or juice which...
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28 February, 2022

How Many Syns In Echo Falls Summer Berries? Find Out Here!

Is Echo Falls Summer Berries High In Syns? After a long day at work or at a summer BBQ it's nice to treat yourself to a glass of wine, but you will have to ensure you have enough room...
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5 October, 2021

Why Is Avocado So High In Syns? What Alternatives Are There?

Our Guide To Eating Avocados On The Slimming World Diet Avocado has taken the food health industry by storm, from avocado smoothies to avocado on toast, people love incorporating this fruit into a healthy diet.  However, on the slimming...
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22 May, 2021

How Many Syns In A Banana? & Some Low Syn Alternative Fruits

Do Bananas Have Syns In Slimming World? Nearly every kind of fruit on the slimming world plan is syn free, allowing you to have frozen fruit as a snack or add fruit to any meal type to bulk it...
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