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13 November, 2021

How Many Syns In Petit Filous Fromage Frais? Find Out Here!

Does Petit Filous Fromage Fraise Have a Lot Of Syns? If you are looking for a quick and easy snack, Petit Filous Fromage fraise pots are a great low syn choice in comparison to standard yoghurts. The amount of...
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2 June, 2022

How Many Syns In Butter (& Bread)? Find Out Here!

Is Butter High In Syns? - Our Guide In order to lose weight properly in the slimming world, you have to make sure you are synning everything which isn't free food, including that thin spread of butter on your...
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22 May, 2021

Alternative To Creme Fraiche Slimming World - Find Out Here!

Slimming World Creme Fraiche Substitute If you have started the slimming world diet then you might be wondering what can be used as a substitute for creme fraiche in a lot of creamy sauces and other cream type recipe....
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