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22 May, 2021

Slimming World Healthy Extras B-List In 2021 - Our Top 55 Low Fat Treats :)

Our Top Slimming World Extra B's List Depending on the type of slimming world plan you are following, most of the slimming world plans will allow you to have either one to two choices from the extra B list...
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4 March, 2021

Slimming World Roulade Recipes - Our List!

Body goals and slimming have become one of everyone's new year's resolutions for 2020, so we've collated a handy list of the best slimming world recipes for a a healthier cheat day. Read on to learn more, and check...
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16 December, 2021

Slimming World Free Foods - The Ultimate Guide

What Are Free Foods? As a new member of Slimming World, one of the terms that you are going to hear a lot is 'free foods'. What does this mean? Well, your free food is essentially food that you...
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