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8 August, 2022

How Many Syns In Chickpeas? Find Out Here!

Are Chickpeas Slimming World Friendly? - Our Syn Guide If you are vegetarian or vegan on the slimming world plan, or maybe you are interested in cooking more veggie-based meals, you might be wondering how many syns are in...
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8 August, 2022

How Many Syns In Almonds? Find Out Here!

Are Almonds High In Syns? - Our Slimming World Guide! If you're looking to stock up on some healthy snacks, you might be curious about how many syns almonds have on the slimming world plan, are they a healthy...
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11 August, 2022

How Many Syns In Quorn Chicken Pieces? Find Out Here!

Are Quorn Chicken Pieces Syn Free On The Slimming World? - Our Syn Guide If you are a vegetarian on the slimming world diet or maybe you are looking to incorporate more veggie meals into your weekly dinners on...
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How Many Syns In Hummus / Reduced Fat? Find Out Here!

Is Hummus High In Syns On Slimming World? - Our Ultimate Hummus Syn Guide! If you're a snacker, then hummus might be one of your favourite foods to munch on during the day, but just how slimming-friendly is it?...
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9 July, 2022

How Many Syns In Brazil Nuts? Find Out Here!

Are Brazil Nuts Slimming World Friendly? - Our Guide If you're looking for some healthy snacks, you might be tempted to stock up on some brazil nuts, but since nuts are very high in calories, you might be wondering,...
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11 June, 2022

Are Chia Seeds Syn Free On Slimming World? Find Out Here!

Can I Have Chia Seeds On Slimming World? - Our Syn Guide! Chia seeds are very popular in the health world, being known to provide a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and fibre in their tiny seeds,...
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30 May, 2022

How Many Syns In Walnuts? Find Out Here!

Do Walnuts Have a lot of Syns? The edible seed of any tree of a certain species of trees, especially the Persian or English walnut, is called a walnut. While it is used as a nut in the kitchen,...
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23 June, 2022

How Many Syns In Tofu? Find Out Here!

Does Tofu Have a lot of Syns? Tofu, commonly called bean curd, is a foodstuff made by emulsifying soy milk and compressing the curds into solid white bricks of varied firmness. Soft, firm, extra firm, super firm, or silken are the most readily and commercially available tofu, and you should be able to find them in your local supermarket. Tofu comes in a variety of textures beyond these main categories. It is full...
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8 May, 2022

How Many Syns In Tinned Sweetcorn? Find Out Here!

Is Tinned Sweetcorn Syn Free On Slimming World? Stocking up on tinned veggies like tinned sweetcorn makes salads easy or a tuna mayo filling, but do they have syns on slimming world? Both fresh on the cob and tinned...
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5 April, 2022

Are Frozen Peas Syn Free? Find Out Here!

Do Frozen Peas Have Syns On Slimming World? Most veggies are classed a syn free on slimming world, but what about frozen veg like frozen peas, do they have syns? Frozen peas are indeed syn free on slimming world,...
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