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5 September, 2023

Birdseye Potato Waffles - How Many Syns Per Waffle? Find Out Here!

Can I Eat Waffles On The Slimming World Diet? Our Syn Guide & Recipes Potato waffles are a home comfort snack or make a great breakfast with a fry up at the weekend, but you might be wondering just...
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27 December, 2022

What To Serve With Peri Peri Chicken That Is Slimming World Friendly?

Our Best Ideas For SW Friendly Peri Peri Chicken Side Dishes & Recipe Inspo! Piri piri chicken is a popular Slimming World recipe that features either boneless chicken thighs or organic, free-range chicken breasts in a peri-peri marinade from...
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7 December, 2023

Chinese Takeaway Syns: Unleash the Flavour Without Sacrificing Your Slimming World Goals

Chinese Takeaway Syns: Your Passport to Flavourful Slimming If you are in the mood for a Chinese you may be wondering how many syns your favourite meal has, and what the healthiest options are on the menu. From the...
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31 July, 2023

Indian Takeaway Syns: Find Out How Many Syns Your Favorite Dishes Are

Indian Takeaway Syns: Your Guide to Enjoying Your Favorite Dishes Without Derailling Your Slimming World Plan Everyone loves a tasty Friday night Indian takeaway, however, if your following slimming world it can be a little difficult to known the...
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