The wonderful thing about Bake Off

…is the things people write about bake off.

FIRSTLY, did you know that I do liveblogs for GBBO? Well, I do. I’ve also just had a comment from someone saying that they watched it last night but just read my liveblog and liked it so much that they’re going to re-watch it with my commentary over the top.… Read the rest

Mac ‘n’ cheese pie

Recently, Alex and I went to Edinburgh to film some comedians for work. Here we are working very, very hard.

Whilst we were there, she mentioned that apparently in Scotland you can get a mac ‘n’ cheese pie. I bloody love mac ‘n’ cheese, as the many recipes for it on this website shows,  and the idea of taking something that’s already delicious and putting it in a pie was too good to resist.… Read the rest