The wonderful thing about Bake Off

…is the things people write about bake off.

FIRSTLY, did you know that I do liveblogs for GBBO? Well, I do. I’ve also just had a comment from someone saying that they watched it last night but just read my liveblog and liked it so much that they’re going to re-watch it with my commentary over the top. If you want to do the same, it’s here – but watch out on Twitter or Facebook for the link so you can read along next week.

SECONDLY, one of my most bestest friends Lauren does a recap of the episode every week and they’re honestly better than the episode itself. She’s putting them on The Pool this year, which is marvellous. Read that here whilst it’s still fresh in your mind.


My favourites so far are Andrew (because I want to marry him), Selasi (because I want him to become a benevolent dictator), Benjamina (because I think her smile could stop wars and cure cancer) and Louise (because she’s Welsh, duh). Who are yours?

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