How Many Syns In a Galaxy Ripple? Find Out Here!

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3 August, 2022

Are Ripples High In Syns On Slimming World?

If you feel like having a chocolate bar on the slimming world plan, you can happily indulge as long as your track the syns of your chocolate so as it cannot affect your weight loss.

How Many Syns In a Ripple?

Ripple bars in particular have 9 syns for a 33g bar, making them very high in syns and consuming over half of your daily syn allowance, we would recommend having these ripple bars in moderation on the plan. 

Down below, we will discuss why ripple chocolate bars are so high in syns and syn values, as well as some low syn alternative chocolate bars from other brands for when you need a sweet treat.

Why Are Ripple Bars So High In Syns?

For 9 syns a chocolate bar, ripple bars take up the majority of your 15 syn daily allowances leaving you with just 6 syns. These Galaxy ripple bars are so high in syns due to their chocolate ripple centre, making the chocolate high in sugar and fat, having up to 19g of sugar in just one bar and nearly 6g of saturated fat!

Two ripple chocolate bars would put your 3 syns over your allowance, so we would suggest indulging in these chocolate bars mindfully.

Syn Values Of Ripple Bars & Galaxy

How Many Syns In a Ripple?

Ripple bars have varying syn values according to the type of ripple product you buy, Galaxy also has a huge range of chocolate bars on offer, we've listed their syn values down below to help you stay on track.

Galaxy Ripple

  • Galaxy Ripple Chocolate Bars Multipack 4 x 33g - 9 syns.
  • Galaxy Ripple Indulgent Chocolate Cake - 12.5 syns.
  • Galaxy 12 Cupcakes Chocolate Cupcake with Galaxy Mini Ripples - 11 syns.
  • Galaxy Ripple Milk Chocolate Bar Extra Large Easter Egg 286g Galaxy Ripple - 9 syns.
  • Galaxy Ripple Instant Hot Chocolate 140g - 4.5 syns.
  • GALAXY Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar 110g Galaxy Ripple - 4.5 syns.

Galaxy Chocolate

  • Galaxy Caramel Mini Eggs (12g each) – 3 syns. 
  • Galaxy Silky Smooth Hot Chocolate Drink (18g serving) – 3.5 syns. 
  • Galaxy Salted Caramel (48g bar) – 11.5 syns.
  • Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate Drink (25g sachet) – 5 syns. 
  • Galaxy Minstrels (25g) – 6 syns.
  • Galaxy Counters (25g) – 6 1/2 syns. 
  • Galaxy Truffles, Milk Chocolate (each truffle) – 3 syns. 
  • Galaxy Wafer Curls, Hazelnut Creme 90g bag (25g) – 6 1/2 syns. 
  • Galaxy Salted Caramel Rounds – 4 syns. 
  • Galaxy Darker Milk Chocolate 110g bar (25g) – 7 syns. 

Low Syn Alternative Chocolate Bars To Ripples

If you find Galaxy ripple chocolate bars to be too high in syns, we've got some other low syn chocolate bar alternatives for you to check out below.

  • Fry’s Turkish Delight, Lemon (51g bar) – 9.5 syns. 
  • Fry’s Strawberry Cream Chocolate Bar (49g bar) – 10 syns.
  • Guylian Belgian Chocolate Original Praline Bar (35g bar) – 9.5 syns.
  • Nestle Lion Bar – 7.5 syns.
  • Hotel Chocolat Fruit & Nut 80% Dark Chocolate 100g bar (25g) – 6.5 syns. 
  • Hotel Chocolat 100% Dark Chocolate Drops 230g bag (25g) – 7 syns.
  • Fry’s Raspberry Cream Chocolate Bar (49g bar) – 10 syns.
  • Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts & Currants (15g bar) – 4 syns.
  • Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar, Orange 100g bar (25g serving) – 8 syns.
  • Kinder Bueno White (1 finger) – 5.5 syns.
  • Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate Bar with 85% Cocoa (15g bar) – 4.5 syns.
  • Kinder Chocolate Bar (21g snack) – 6 syns.
  • Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate Bar with 70% Cocoa (15g bar) – 4 syns. 
  • Lindt White Chocolate Bar 100g bar (25g) – 8 syns.
  • Lindt Lindor Mint Milk Chocolate Bar (38g bar) – 11.5 syns
  • Nestle Aero Milk (27g bar) – 7 1/2 syns.
  • Nestle Kit Kat Chunky, Orange (32g bar) - 8 syns.

Final Words

Overall, Galaxy ripple bars are very high in syns, having 9 syns for just a 33g bar, two ripple bars would put you three syns over your allowance, so we would suggest eating this chocolate in moderation to avoid spending too many syns.

How Many Syns In a Ripple?

Ripple bars are also very high in fat and sugar, if you are looking to save syns we would suggest having half a bar or checking out low syn alternative chocolates above which start as little as 4 syns.

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