How Many Syns In Mccain Smiley Faces? Find Out Here!

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28 June, 2022

Are Mccain Smiley Faces Syn Friendly? - Our Syn Guide

Sometimes we get a craving for our childhood food, and on the slimming world, you can eat anything you want, as long as it fits in your syns. But what about Mccain smiley faces? Are they high in syns?

Are Mccain Smiley Faces Syn Friendly?

Mccain smiley faces have 6.5 syns a portion, making them quite high in syns for a small amount, this is because they are made from potato. 

Down below we've discussed in more detail why Mccain smiley faces are so high in syns, syn values as well as some low syn alternatives from other brands.

Why Are Mccain Smileys So High In Syns?

At 6.5 syns a portion, Mccain Smileys nearly take up all of your daily syn allowance, you could have up to 140g before using all your 15 syn daily allowance.

These potato smileys get their high syn value from the fat content, having up to 5g of fat a portion, this is because they are made with a lot of oil. Still, you can enjoy these smileys on the slimming world, but you just need to make sure you save your allowance.

Syn Values Of Mccain Smileys & Potatoes

Mccain has a wide range of easy potato sides to make a quick dinner, we've listed them all down below to help you compare the syns.

Syn Values Of Mccain Smileys & Potatoes
  • McCain Crispy French Fries 750g - 11.5 syns for 100g.
  • McCain 4 Jackets 800g - 8 syns.
  • McCain The Home Chip Straight 1.5kg - 10 syns.
  • McCain Lighter Home Chips Straight 900g - 9 syns.
  • McCain Lightly Spiced Wedges 750g - 9 syns.
  • McCain Gastro Triple Cooked Chips 700g - 13 syns for 100g.
  • McCain Croquettes 550g - 10 syns.
  • McCain Flavour Maker Garlic and Herb Chimichurri 759g - 7 syns.
  • McCain Naked Skin-On Chips Chunky 900g - 8 syns.
  • McCain Crispy French Fries 1.2kg - 7 syns.
  • McCain Roast Garlic Wedges 650g - 10 syns.
  • Mccain Minions 454G - 6 syns.
  • Mccain Waffle Fries 550G - 11 syns.
  • McCain Quick Chips Straight 6 x 100g (600g) - 8 syns.

Low Syn Alternatives To Mccain Smileys

If you find Mccain smileys to be too high in syns or you are looking for a similar alternative, we've got some options for you to check out below.

  • Asda Chosen by You Smileys 200g - 6 syns.
  • Tesco Sweet Potato Smiles 250g - 5 syns.
  • Birds Eye 18 Potato Waffles 1.02Kg - 5 syns.
  • Birds Eye Alphabites 456G - 5 syns.
  • Birds Eye Hash Brown Waffles 650G - 7 syns.
  • Tesco 12 Potato Waffles 680G - 4 syns.

Last Words

Overall, Mccain smileys are high in syns, having 6.5 syns for around a 70g portion, two portions of 140g would cost you nearly the whole of your daily syn allowance. This is because they are high in fat due to the oil content.

Low Syn Alternatives To Mccain Smileys

To save syns we would suggest using these smileys in moderation or switching to waffles which are often lower in syns.

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