How Many Syns In Bavaria Non Alcoholic Beer? Find Out Here!

Updated on 
6 February, 2023

Does Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Beer Have a Lot Of Syns?

Even though you might choose a non-alcoholic beer these drinks still have syns due to the flavourings and sugar content inside of them.

Bavaria non-alcoholic beer has around 4 syns for 330ml of it, making it a good drink to have in moderation if you want to avoid alcohol. 

In our guide below we will go over why non-alcoholic beer still has syns along with some other low syn alternative Alcohol-free beers.

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Why Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Have Syns?

Many people do assume that the calorie and syn content from beer comes down to the alcohol percentage inside of the drink. This is not true and non-alcoholic beer still contains barley and malt going through the same processing as alcoholic beer which is what gives its calories.

On the slimming world plan, you would have to drink up to 4 non-alcoholic Bavarian beers to exceed your syn allowance for the day so you should only have these beers within moderation.

Will Drinking Affect My Weight Loss On The Slimming World Plan?

One of the best parts about the slimming world is that they allow any food or drink in moderation, so having an alcoholic drink now and then will not hinder your weight loss, allowing you to enjoy your diet rather than feel deprived.

Slimming world helps users lose weight by explaining a method called the ‘tipping point’, this point occurs after around 3 glasses of wine or 9.3 units and can inhibit the decisions we make to eat or drink more than we intended to.

Alcohol Beer Vs Non-Alcoholic Beer - Which Are Better For Syns?

Even though non-alcoholic beers might look and taste the same as alcoholic beers, they are the better choice for you on the slimming world plan as they contain considerably fewer calories which means fewer syns too. For example, a standard alcoholic beer could have 160 calories while a non-alcoholic one has only 60/70 calories for the same amount of beer.

Low Syn Alternatives To Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Beer

Nowadays non-alcoholic beer is becoming more and more popular with many people opting for it due to them being healthier.

We have listed some other popular low syn alcohol-free beers for you to try out below.

  • Heineken Alcohol Free Beer - 3.5 syns a bottle.
  • Kopparberg Alcohol Free Mixed Fruit Cider - 4.5 syns a bottle.
  • Peroni Libera Alcohol Free - 3.5 syns per bottle.
  • Stella Artois Premium Alcohol Free Lager Beer - 3 syns a bottle.
  • San Miguel 0.0% Alcohol - 4 syns per bottle.
  • Budweiser Zero Alcohol Free Beer - 2.5 syns a bottle.
  • Becks Blue Alcohol Free Lager - 2.5 syns a bottle.
  • Brewdog Punk AF Alcohol Free IPA - 2.5 syns a bottle.
  • Birra Moretti Zero Alcohol-Free Beer - 3.5 syns a bottle.

Last Words

To conclude, even though Bavaria non-alcoholic beer might be healthier, it does still have a fairly high amount of syns so you should make sure you are drinking it in moderation. We have also listed some lower syn alternatives above which are less than 4 syns a bottle/can.

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