Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo

I first made this shortly after we first moved into our lovely little flat. We had gone to a Farmer’s Market in Alexandra Palace and found some goat cheese that had the consistency of cheddar. I whizzed it up with some roasted peppers and some basil, tossed it with spaghetti and made this wonderful pepper and goat cheese alfredo.

pepper and goat cheese alfredo

And when I say wonderful, I mean wonderful. It’s a bit of an unsung hero of a recipe to be honestly. I’m not even a big fan of pasta, but I adore this meal and could quite happily eat it on a weekly basis.

It’s the sauce. Whenever I try this I end up running my finger round the dish to get up all those lovely smears of sauce. The peppers and basil make it SO deliciously sweet, the goat cheese undercuts it with sharpness, and a sauce made of Greek yogurt and egg is deliciously thick and creamy. The tomato taste barely even comes into it – you don’t really taste tomato, you just taste what the tomato does to the sauce.

Can you tell I like this one?

It’s not a difficult one to make, either. Come home, spend twenty minutes fiddling about in the kitchen and you’ve got a delicious meal on the table. Garnish it with more basil and more cheese to make it look pretty. I’ve give it to Garry under the guise of a fancy, romantic meal many a time.

Word of warning – don’t try it unless you’ve got a food processor. To get that sauce as lovely and thick and creamy as it needs to be, you need it fully whipped. You also need that basil shredded into tiny pieces – big leaves won’t work here.

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