Live Below The Line: Day Three and How To Stop Feeling Hungry

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Breakfast – water
Lunch – chickpea curry and broccoli/cauliflower. 46p
Dinner – Two slices of bread, two poached eggs, cheap beans. 49p
TOTAL: 95p

Yesterday I wasn’t particularly hungry, but I was miserable. Today I’m ravenous but happy. I prefer today, on reflection.

Today also marked the halfway point of this challenge. I only have two days left, and the way I’m feeling at the moment I might nap all Friday evening just to make it go quicker so I can eat a proper meal at midnight on Friday. And chocolate. LORD how I miss chocolate. I miss any treats, really. Anything I eat just because it’s nice, like that extra sprinkle of cheese or the extra spices I throw into a sauce. All the food I’ve had has been purely for fuel, getting as many calories and nutrients into my body as possible. I miss eating for the joy of eating.

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Physically, things are rough. I feel light-headed and empty, and I find myself stumbling over myself looking for words or making connections that usually come like lightening to me really slowly. The only way I can describe it is that I feel like I’m usually a trapeze artist who reaches out and catches the arms of my team mate easily, but at the moment I’m fumbling it or missing entirely. For example, the first time I attempted to write “team mate” I ended up writing “teammeat” instead. Teammeat is not as nice as team mates are, but maybe I’ve just got food on the brain.

BUT today has been amazing donation-wise. We smashed through my initial target of £250 and, as I write this, are now at an amazing £341. You guys are the best. I’ve bumped my target up to £500 to celebrate.

Two days left. Two days left. Two days left. Two days left.


Ways to stop feeling hungry

  1. Eat something. If you are hungry for any reason other than a) you are doing something like Live Below the Line or b) you cannot get food in your body at this point (such as if you can’t afford it), then eat. There is no glory or beauty in not feeding yourself. You deserve to be looked after, especially by yourself. If you are hungry, it’s okay to eat. Eat vegetables, eat fruit, eat pasta and potatoes and bread and meat and ice-cream and chocolate and whatever else you need to. Treat your body like a lover, not an enemy
  2. Drink water. Lots of water. Really cold water or really hot water I’ve found is best, rather than sipping at tepid and tasteless stuff. That’ll do nothing for your brain; you want to register something interesting
  3. Talk to someone fascinating. I have my husband, but if he wasn’t around I’ll call friends. Hell, I’d put out a call on Twitter and talk to someone there. Talk to someone so absorbing you forget how hungry you are
  4. Do something engrossing. I’ve found reading to be really helpful this week, but watching TV or playing games also helps
  5. Nap. If you can nap, nap. I’m exhausted at the moment, and you can’t be hungry when you’re asleep,
  6. Brush your teeth. Again, it gives the mind something to think about and do

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