Hot Cross Bun French Toast

It started with an Instagram post. More specifically, Lauren’s Instagram post about the Hot Cross Bun French Toast she’d been enjoying with her brother.

Lauren does Easter in the way she does most things: properly, and with much enthusiasm. I do not do Easter properly. We are not having lamb for lunch today. Garry and I have been eating Easter Eggs since February, but haven’t bought any specifically for Easter. We aren’t even having a proper meal together today as he’s coming off a night shift, so I’ll probably be having eggs on toast for supper.

But Hot Cross Buns French Toast? That is one Easter tradition I wanted to try.

It looks a mess, and it was a mess, but a whole mess of deliciousness. I made mine with shop-bought buns, but I have a good recipe for them if you’d like to make them yourself today and have the French toast for breakfast tomorrow. I served mine with raspberries, maple syrup and crumbled Easter Egg, as Jesus would have wanted, but you could do bacon, yoghurt, strawberries, icing sugar, honey, anything you like.

When you’re soaking the buns, make sure not to over-saturate them or (as happened to me on the first one I tried) they could fall apart when frying. Then you’ll just end up with collapsed buns, and no-one wants that.

To serve one – easily increased for more people


  • A hot cross bun
  • 1 egg
  • 50ml milk
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla
  • The zest of 1/2 an orange
  • A large knob of butter


  1. Cut the bun horizontally into two thick slices
  2. Beat together the milk, egg, vanilla and orange zest. Put in a wide, shallow dish and lay the bun slices in it. Turn them over until they’ve soaked up all the mixture
  3. Heat a griddle pan or heavy-bottomed frying pan over a medium-hot heat. Add the butter and, when it melts, tilt the pan so it’s covered in it
  4. Fry the bun slices until golden, then flip and do the same on the other side. Serve whilst still hot

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