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13 November, 2021

How Many Syns In Cheetos Twisted Flamin Hot? Find Out Here!

How Many Syns In Cheetos Flamin Hot Twisted? Let’s face it, Cheeto’s can be addictive, but since these crisps are not syn free food on the slimming world plan you will have to be tracking their syn values for...
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29 September, 2021

Low Syn Crisps List - The One SW Snack Resource To Rule Them All!

Our Ultimate Guide To Low Syn Crisps On The Slimming World Diet! It's encouraged to reach out for healthy snacks when on the slimming world diet, but sometimes when you need a snack quickly, low syn crisps are the...
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3 July, 2021

How Many Syns In Skips? & Other Alternative Crisps!

Are Skips Slimming World Friendly? How Many Syns Do They Have? Everyone has to be guilty of getting home from work and diving into a bag of crisps, but some crisps can be very high in syns and put...
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The Easiest Taco Dinner...
3 July, 2021

How Many Syns In A Poppadom? & Some Other Indian Starters!

We All Love an Indian Meal, But How Many Syns for a Starter? On average, in an Indian restaurant, you’re looking at approximately 4 syns per poppadom, 8.5 syns per onion bhaji, 3 syns per vegetable pakora, 2 syns...
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21 May, 2021

How Many Syns In Wotsits? & Some Lower Syn Alternative Crisps!

Are Wotsits a Low-Syn Snack? Some people love sweet snacks, some people prefer savoury, and some people like both! If you belong to either of the latter two groups, you’re probably familiar with a craving only crisps can satisfy....
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