Mac and Cheese Pie

I love mac and cheese with all my heart and have had the pleasure to taste several variations of the dish over the years. Its one of those meals you can hardly go wrong with hence why it tops my comfort food list undisputed. So when i heard about the idea of a mac and cheese pie, i was impressed and fell in love with the concept.

Everything tastes better when you slap on some flour, for example, pizza; this statistic assured me the pie will be every bit as amazing. I couldn’t wait to get my hands one of these delicacies and share it with my family, but sadly, not many restaurants serve it. I haven’t come across any American restaurant that does and trust me i was looking.

Who invented the mac and cheese pie?

Although the mac and cheese is originally an American staple, the macaroni pie has other roots. It first emerged from Sweden, and the rest of the world hasn’t quite caught on. I resorted to the internet, where i found several recipes from the Swedish locals, which i have altered for a while to get to my perfect recipe(I am a picky eater).

Below i hereby present my final macaroni cheese pie recipe. I assure you it is every bit as perfect as the rest of the recipes in this website. Although not the healthiest dish out there, it is worth all the 400 kcal per serving that you will consume. If you are going to get fat, then it better be with a meal you love. Or slim with any one of our other dishes.

What makes mac and cheese creamy?

Since my way of cooking this sumptuous meal leans on the Caribbean mac and cheese recipe, many will find that it is not creamy enough for their liking. If affected, you can substitute your whole milk with cream in your macaroni sauce. This will do the trick and give you some added consistency.

Also, you can opt for cottage cheese to supplement your white cheddar cheese since its more natural hence creamier. Remember to choose your cheese wisely as the whole meal depends on it. Steer away from Parmesan as it won’t melt easily. The recipe is not cast in stone, feel free to play around with different seasonings and different types of cheese for the perfect dish.

Ingredients(serves six)

For the macaroni and cheese

  1. 2 red onions, finely diced
  2. 3 cloves of garlic, ground to a paste
  3. 400g dried macaroni
  4. 300ml milk
  5. 800 grams extra-strong cheddar cheese, grated
  6. 4 tbs all-purpose flour
  7. Jalapeno pepper minced seeds
  8. paprika and black pepper

For the pastry

  1. 400g plain all-purpose flour
  2. 4 eggs, whisk
  3. white vinegar
  4. 200g butter, unsalted
  5. 2 tbs of salt
  6. 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese.
  7. 1 cup of fine breadcrumbs

Method of preparation
  1. place a cooking pot on the stove then bring some water to boil and before you add salt. Break the macaroni tubes as per the desired size then cook according to the stipulated minutes on the back of the packet. Once cooked and soft, drain off the excess water and set it in a warm place.
  2. Sift the all-purpose flour into a dish to remove lumps. Mix it with the unsalted butter using your hands until the flour resembles breadcrumbs. Add in some breadcrumbs until the mixture is even.
  3. Add salt to taste and about half a cup of water, then knead the dough till it achieves a smooth consistency. When the flour is ready, wrap it in a cling fling before you set it in the refrigerator to rest.
  4. In another pot, saute your diced onions, garlic paste, paprika jalapeno seeds, and black pepper. Once the mixture cooks to a golden brown, add in a tablespoon of butter.
  5. You should now add flour into the mixture and then pour in your milk periodically as you mix the flour. When you achieve a thick consistency, adjust the dry ingredients to your preferred taste.
  6. Add your whisked eggs, and make sure you stir to prevent it from curdling. Pour in your shredded cheese, and white vinegar then stir until it completely melts and forms a creamy mixture.
  7. Stir in your strained macaroni until its completely mixed with the other ingredients.
  8. Set your oven to 350 degrees set at gas mark 5 and let it heat for about three minutes
  9. Take out your dough and roll it onto the surface of a baking dish of your preferred size. Spread a cup of cheddar cheese on it followed by the macaroni and cheese filling then another cup of cheese because why not.
  10. Brush the top with the remaining egg before popping it in the oven to bake for around 30 minutes(my other recipe suggests using melted butter)
  11. when you notice your cheese stating to brown before the time is up, you are required to take it out and cover with a tin foil for the remainder of the cooking time in order to capture the best flavors.
  12. Best served hot with a side of salads or a cold fresh juice to balance the calories.
  • Frozen cheese is easier to work with as opposed to warm cheese
  • You can get away with ready-made shortcrust dough from the supermarket for easier and shorter preparation time
  • You can add sugar as opposed to salt if you are going for a sweeter taste. If so, remember to ditch the peppers and alter the recipe accordingly.
  • This macaroni pie recipe will not give you a creamy finish so be warned
  • if you intend to share the pies, do so within 24 hours while they are still fresh.

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