How Much Does It Cost To Eat Healthy?

A new year has just arrived and healthy living is something that millions of people are now going to be thinking about. However, one thing that concerns a lot of people is the cost involved in eating healthily. If you don’t go about it in the right way then it is very easy to spend a small fortune on what are deemed the right foods. However, there are a few things that you can do in order to keep the costs to a minimum when you are trying to improve your diet. Here are some healthy eating tips for weight loss.

Frozen is Just As Good as Fresh

One of the biggest mistakes that people make, when it comes to trying to improve their diet, is thinking that they have to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. There are several problems with this.

First of all, you will find that fresh fruit and vegetables can go bad quite quickly which leads to a lot of food waste. Secondly, there is the issue that buying fruit and vegetables fresh can be very costly indeed.

If you take a look at the supermarket the next time you do your shopping, you will find that most fruit and vegetables can also be bought frozen these days. Because of the way in which they are frozen, they retain their nutrients so you don’t lose anything. As well as this, they last you a lot longer. So, if you want to save money but improve your diet, then it is a great idea to remember that frozen is just as good as fresh for some food types.

Buy Meat From Online Speciality Stores

Another thing that you will definitely learn very quickly, when it comes to trying to improve your diet, is that fresh meat is not cheap. In fact, if it is lean meat it can be even more expensive, which can be very off putting. Again, there are solutions to this.

If you do a quick Google search, you will see that there are plenty of online stores which specialise in selling fresh meat. These types of sites are great because you are able to take advantage of bulk deals. It is then just a matter of freezing your meat when it arrives and defrosting it when you need it.

These types of meat hampers are generally sent in refrigerated vans and boxed in special material that keeps it at a safe temperature. If you want to save yourself some serious money, then this is definitely something to keep in mind.

Freeze Fresh Fruit, Vegetables & Meat

One big mistake that a lot of people make, especially those who are new to healthy eating, is buying a lot of fresh produce from the supermarket and then facing a race against time to consume it all before it goes bad. However, there is a much better way around this.

Once you have done your weekly shop, the best thing that you can do is to freeze your fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. Different foods will require different freezing methods, so it is important that you look into these.

Freese the foods in portions. For example, if you have a packet of chicken breast and you are only cooking for yourself, then it is a good idea to freeze the breasts one at a time in freezer bags. This way, you will only need to defrost one chicken breast at a time.

Make Use of Batch Cooking

Finally, if you are short of time, but you want to make sure that you are eating healthily on a day to day basis, then one of the best things that you can do is to batch cook.

This requires a considerable amount of planning, but the results are definitely worth it. Spend a day planning out some meals that you would like to cook. Once you have done this, write a shopping list of all of the ingredients that you are going to need.

Once you have got everything that you need, you can cook your meals and freeze them in portions. Freezer containers are a good option for portioning up your meals. This is great not only for time saving purposes, but also for portion control.

As you can see, eating healthily really doesn’t have to be expensive. It is actually very easy to maintain a healthy diet whilst not spending a fortune, it just takes a little extra planning and some careful purchases and you will be able to have a great diet and keep your finances in check at the same time.

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